DBT Services in Boca Raton


Outpatient DBT for Adults

We run an adherent DBT program and thus offer all components of comprehensive services. This includes weekly individual sessions, weekly skills training groups, and between session phone coaching. In addition, all our psychologists attend weekly DBT consultation meetings. It is important to understand the difference between comprehensive DBT and DBT informed approaches. The latter may not include all the DBT components outlined by the treatment developer (Dr. Marsha Linehan). Most research demonstrating the effectiveness of DBT is based on adherent services. To learn more please click on the links below:

DBT for Comorbid Substance Use Disorders

DBT has also been adapted to treat individuals who struggle with dual diagnoses. This program offers all the components of comprehensive services in addition to specific skills targeting addiction. Those include dialectical abstinence, adaptive denial, alternate rebellion and many others. Depending on the needs of the individual patient, we may offer these skills in either individual or group formats.For more information on DBT SUDs adaptation please click on the link below:

DBT for Comorbid PTSD

DBT has also been adapted to the treatment of individuals with simple or complex-PTSD. Trauma treatment in the context of DBT varies widely and depends on the unique needs of each individual patient. Treatment may be standard DBT or may include the addition of concurrent  trauma-focused treatment such as Prolonged Exposure (PE) or Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). Specific treatment plan suggestions will be made to patients after their initial assessment with one of our psychologists.

DBT for Adolescents

Arguably one of the most successful adaptations of DBT, the adolescent program includes similar components to that of adults with minor variations. Depending on the individual needs of teens and their families we may suggest a combination of the following components. 

  • Individual therapy
  • Individual Phone coaching
  • Skills training groups:
    • Multifamily (parents and teens together)
    • Teen only skills groups
    • Parenting skills groups

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  • How do I know whether I need Comprehensive DBT or DBT informed services?
    • DBT informed services includes skills training groups only and potential case management sessions with our staff from time to time. Also, it is a requirement by our program that individuals who will be group-only have a psychotherapist in the community who meets with them on an individual basis. You may schedule a pretreatment assessment with one of our psychologists to determine wether the treatment recommendation would encompass DBT skills only or comprehensive DBT.
  • DBT was just recommended to me as a treatment and I want to know what my initial commitment to treatment would entail?
    • Upon admission we ask that patients make an initial 4-6 month treatment commitment as that would be the required time to make it through all of the skills training modules at least once. Training modules include: Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Walking the Middle Path, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance.

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  1. What is DBT?
  2. Is DBT right for me? 

DBT Services in Boca Raton

DBT Services in Boca Raton 

Outpatient DBT in Boca Raton