South Florida DBT Consortium


Founding Members

Dr. Sara A. Hosn cofounded the South Florida DBT consortium along with Dr. Holly Bedotto (DBT by Design) and Dr. Lydia Kalsner (Kalsner Psychology Group). 

Mission Statement

Our practices came together to provide excellence in the practice, training, and education of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. We deliver both comprehensive and informed DBT adherently and traditionally – the way it was meant to be practiced.  

Resources for Consumers and Providers

DBT Research Updates

For DBT Research Updates, please visit our DBT page on South Florida DBT Consortium.

“The spirit of consultation, that of a community of therapists treating a community of patients, all in it together, characterizes the best DBT teams. All in the same human boat, doing the best we can with what we have been given. More alike than different, as we feel vulnerable, as we suffer, as we find our way...”

Kelly Koerner (2012), Doing DBT: A practical guide

South Florida DBT Consortium Team

Meet Our DBT Consultation Team

The Value of working with a member in the Consortium

South Florida DBT consortium was cofounded by Dr. Sara A. Hosn, Dr. Lydia Kalsner, and Dr. Holly Bedotto whose practices had been on the same DBT consultation team for many years. Collectively the three practices have grown and the team now includes nine licensed psychologists and one licensed clinical social worker. Working with a member from the consortium provides the consumer with the reassurance that consultation is being sought from this multifaceted team of experts. Please view below members of each practice.

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South Florida DBT Consortium in Boca Raton

 Linehan Board Certified Psychologist in Boca Raton 

DBT Center of South Florida in Boca Raton

South Florida DBT Consortium Team